Booking and Rates

Where Services Are Offered

Given the current health crisis, the majority of counselling services are currently being offered either by phone or by encrypted video. If you would like more information about online services and system requirements, please contact Rebekkah directly.

Virtual services are available on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays. Services are offered both during the daytime and in the evening.

In person services are available in the Kitsilano office on Tuesdays, Saturdays, and alternate Mondays. Please contact Rebekkah if you wish to know more about the safety precautions in place for in person sessions.

Counselling Services

Counselling sessions are offered in blocks of 55 minutes at a rate of $175 per session and 85 minutes at a rate of $250 per session. For individual counselling sessions, most clients find that 55 minute sessions are sufficient, however, 85 minutes can be helpful for your first visit. We also recommend 85 minute sessions for couple and family counselling sessions in order to ensure that everyone has adequate opportunity to participate.

To book a free consultation call, you can click on the link below to be connected with the online scheduler or contact Rebekkah directly by text at 778-872-5749.

Other Services

Group therapy rates vary between $175 and $250 per group and are based on the length of the group. Please contact us for more information about a specific group.

Workshops and retreats are all individually priced. More information can be found on our Groups and Retreats page.

For inquiries surrounding Consultation and Community or Corporate presentation fees, please contact us directly. Fees vary depending on the nature of each request.